12 Feb, 2010

This one's more for my own reference than anything else. I often need to write out a set of HTML lists, separated by headings; the code here is actually taken from the links page on my design blog, which you can take a look at as an example of what I mean (table and field names have been changed for security reasons).

Well, here's one simple way to do it. The code below allows everything to be stored in one database table, including the categories: we simply loop through and write out a heading when the category name changes.

string sql = "select title, url, category from links order by category, title";

using (SqlDataReader links = new SqlCommand(sql, conn).ExecuteReader())
        // Store the first category and write out the first heading
        string category = links["category"].ToString();
        Response.Write("<h2>" + category + "</h2><ul>");

        while (links.Read())
            // If this link's category is different to the stored one
            if(links["category"].ToString() != category)
                // We've changed category, so store the new category 
                // and write out a category heading 
                category = links["category"].ToString();
                Response.Write("</ul><h2>" + category + "</h2><ul>");

            Response.Write("<li>Write out your links here</li>");


The table structure isn't normalised, but it does have its advantages: SQL queries are very simple and you can create new categories on the fly. Plus, for something this tiny, the performance and data integrity issues aren't even worth worrying about.